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Jamendo Apps (API 2.x)

Here is a list of some, and not really all, the applications built on or integrating Jamendo:

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Desktop Apps

Browser Apps

  • jammap : Jamendo Map on Chrome Browser
  • Musiclouds for Roku DVP : Browse, Search and Listen to Jamendo Albums, Artists and Tracks with your Internet Connected TV!
  • jPlay: an HTML5 Jamendo player. Just run it in a browser. Demo
  • uJamin': Both mobile and desktop targeted experimental HTML5 Jamendo player.


  • Amarok: Jamendo Lyrics Script for Amarok 1.4 (full Jamendo integration will be in Amarok 2.0)
  • VLC Jamendo plugin : VLC has by default a Jamendo plugin that let you listen to Jamendo radios and browse charts by genre
  • Clementine Music Player: A cross-platform music player inspired by Amarok 1.4 - available for Windows, OSX and Linux.
  • CloudPlay: A menu bar music player for Mac that searches and plays music from iTunes, Jamendo, YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm, and many more.
  • Evolution Player: Standalone music player with Jamendo integration for Windows, OSX, and Linux.
  • Songbird: An open-source customizable music player. There is a plugin for rudimentary Jamendo support and there is also a Jamendo Search plugin.
  • Statuzer: A Multi-platform Twitter Client with Jamendo Search and replay
  • jWidget : An HTML widget using <audio>
  • Joshfire Factory : A multiplatform App Builder which let you create apps running on several platforms just with browser interface
  • JDownloader: Open-source, platform independent (Java) downloadmanager with rudimentary Jamendo support.
  • Ruja: A software that help to download easily the content from Jamendo. Written in Ruby/GTK2

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